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Fundraising for Heidi

Fundraising for Heidi

We’re sharing this link on behalf of Heidi , a lovely lady in her 40’s whom we’ve known for a number of years.  Heidi suffered a spinal cord injury around 25 years ago and has been in a wheelchair ever since. However she has recently developed a condition which causes her to faint when she is sat up.  To control this, she needs to be able to raise her legs when she feels she is about to faint.  She needs a special wheelchair to help her do this but it isn’t available on the NHS.  If she can’t raise the funds to buy the chair, the only other option is for her to live her life laid horizontal in a bed and being reliant on carers.  In the past few years, she has gone from being a very active and independent person, in full time employment in the NHS and being very keen on (and very good at) skiing, using a sit-ski….to facing a very different future altogether!  If anyone would like to send a donation, no matter how small, we know that she’d be very grateful.


T: 01943 850950 / 878338   E: info@wharfedaleclinic.co.uk
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