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Caller ID issue

Today we have had a small number of people contact the clinic to say that they have missed a call from our number 01943 850950.  However, we did not make these calls.  Our telephone provider tells us that this sounds like call spoofing.  Call spoofing is where someone hides their real identity on the phone by displaying someone else’s number instead.  Sadly, technology can be used to display any incoming number on your handset and it appears that someone is choosing to display our number.

We have reported this to Action Fraud and to our telecoms provider, but would like to point out that we do not make any unsolicited/marketing calls. We only make calls for legitimate purposes (e.g. to contact existing patients, to contact prospective patients who have been referred to us or to contact someone who has left a message requesting further information or an appointment).  In these cases, if we can’t get hold of you, we’ll leave a message on your voicemail (if you have one) asking you to call us back.

If you receive a call from someone displaying our number and you have any suspicions about its authenticity, please do not provide any information.  Instead, hang up and call us back.  Just to be clear, the perpetrator(s) do not actually have our telephone number. They are simply using technology to make it look like the call is coming from us when it is not.

You can also report any calls you believe to be bogus to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040

Thank you.

T: 01943 850950 / 878338   E: info@wharfedaleclinic.co.uk
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