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 We have written several articles designed at helping patients understand more about musculoskeletal conditions and pain.  We hope that you will find these informative.  Further links to organisations which provide helpful information and advice are given in the “Links” section of our website.  


Clinic Articles:  (Click on the title of the article to read)

Self Help Measures After a Minor Musculoskeletal Injury

(Whilst basic first aid/self help measures are widely known and available on other websites, we feel that it is appropriate to repeat the principles here) 


A Brief Insight into the Causes and Management of Musculoskeletal Conditions

(This short article aims to provide a basic overview of the prevalence and  causes of musculoskeletal conditions as well as insight into various management options. We also outline what we feel are important principles when choosing a practitioner)


Understanding Pain

(Pain is very common but tends to be poorly explained to patients. Here we look at various aspects of pain and in particular, the difference between acute and chronic pain)


Understanding the Role of Medication in Pain

(Whilst many musculoskeletal conditions can be treated without the need for medication, this is the treatment area where we come across the most misconceptions about what pain medicines actually do. This article is designed to explain how pain medication can play a helpful role as part of the management of some musculoskeletal conditions) 


Musculoskeletal Health whilst Working From Home

(And finally, since more and more people find themselves working from home on their laptops during the Covid-19 pandemic, our final article looks at preventative medicine.  This article contains tips to promote awareness of good workstation ergonomics to avoid the types of prolonged poor postures which can cause musculoskeletal pain).



We hope that you have found these articles helpful.

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