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About Us

The Wharfedale Clinic specialises in musculoskeletal medicine and sports injuries.  We are not a general medical clinic. 

As the current lockdown is gradually being eased, we have published guidelines for all patients attending face to face appointments/consulttions at the clinic to keep everyone safe.  These can be found by clicking HERE 

From the week commencing Monday 1st June, patients who require a face to face consultation/appointment and/or treatment will be able to be seen as follows:

  • Dr Martyn Speight – Musculoskeletal Medicine Doctor (Both new and follow up patients) 
  • Mr Bob Longworth – Podiatrist (Both new and follow up patients)
  • Mrs Juliana Samson – Physiotherapist (The physiotherapy governing body (the CSP) is still recommending “virtual first” contact for physiotherapy.  For this reason, Juliana will need to have a short pre-screening call with you to determine whether you need to be seen face to face or whether your condition is amenable to advice and rehab exercises which can be delivered via video consultation. The pre-screening call is free of charge)

We can also offer telephone and video consultations with most practitioners where appropriate.

T: 01943 850950 / 878338   E: info@wharfedaleclinic.co.uk
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